White Goods

Golday Rubber; manufactures and supplies high quality products that meet the needs for washing machines, dish washers and coolers.

Products at this sector; are produced through injection, compression press and transfer injection methods. Long lasting usage is provided thanks to the white goods gaskets that have high quality standard and performance loss is prevented.

Golday Rubber; that manufactures the products according to the needs of the customer, makes price evaluation on the existing product parts and fulfil the design and prototype of the parts of the new products with its qualified technical staff.

White Goods Gaskets Product Groups

  • Washing Machine Fasteners
  • Washing Machine Sealing Components
  • Dish Washer Fasteners
  • Dish Washer Sealing Components
  • Water Disposal Pipes
  • Pump Chamber Heater Pipes
  • Drum Front Bearing Gaskets
  • Engine Mount Tires
  • Boiler Gaskets
  • Anti-Vibration Wedges
  • Salt Container Gaskets
  • Detergent Box Hose Group

The Advantages of White Goods Gaskets

  • You can eliminate the device and electrical malfunctions caused by leakage, by preventing leakage while washing machine and dishwasher working. In this way, you can protect the white goods against possible accidents and prevent it from getting damaged.
  • You will not experience any customer dissatisfaction and loss at the white goods that you have produced or used due to the gaskets and you will not bear any repair cost due to it.
  • You can have long lasting white goods gaskets that is subjected to the quality tests with Golday Rubber.
  • You can maintain the eco- friendly approach with Golday Rubber white goods gaskets which are made with the raw materials that do not harm the health of human and produced in accordance with European health and chemical regulations (REACH), designed and produced from chemicals approved by accredited laboratories.
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