Golday Rubber that develops and manufactures products with high-tech levels that meet the national and international standards, produces long lasting gaskets by using structural gaskets on door, window and exteriors. It realizes the production and supply of high quality products by serving the sector that meet the needs.

Golday Rubber structural gaskets, add an aesthetic appearance to the area that you used while providing endurance in all kind of weather conditions.

Structural Gaskets Product Groups

  • PVC Door and Window System Gaskets
  • Aluminum Door and Window System Gaskets
  • Wooden Door and Window System Gaskets

The Advantages of Structural Gaskets

  • Golday Rubber gaskets are durable and do not lose their functionality for many years.
  • No additional cost needed because of the gaskets used in doors, windows and exteriors. Consequently, your possible extra costs reduced.
  • It avoids water leakage from exteriors to the buildings in the rainy days. The whistling or external sounds that occur in the stormy and windy weathers do not easily pass through the gaskets used in the systems of door, window and exteriors and avoid those irritating noise heard.
  • It provides long-lasting use of doors and windows by preventing hard crashes of doors and windows.
  • It helps to reduce the cost of electricity, natural gas etc. by making heat insulating.
  • It helps the places stay in much more hygienic conditions thanks to their dust-resistant structures.
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