Golday Rubber the source of long-lasting projects, has been producing high quality gaskets with rubber infrastructure gaskets. You can achieve without any loss and life-long projects with Golday Rubber infrastructure gaskets, that is produced functionally.

Infrastructure Gaskets Product Groups

The Advantages of Infrastructure Gaskets

  • You can have long-lasting materials by using reliable gaskets that fulfill their duties in all conditions with Golday Rubber infrastructure gaskets.
  • You can prevent the epidemic diseases at the places where Golday Rubber infrastructure gaskets used thanks to its sealing features and protect human and environmental health accordingly.
  • You can prevent cost overrun due to the gaskets in your infrastructure and tunnel projects; also avoid any additional costs and time loss by not doing the same job over again.

Integrated EXTRUDE and Co-Extrude Epdm Concrete / Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Golday Rubber, that is produced from the rubber in accordance with TS EN 681-1 and DN 4060 norms, is meticulously prepared for underground drainage and sewerage pipes with high-tech engineering knowledge in accordance with what customer needs and manufactured within the world standards. The production of Golday Rubber Integrated Gaskets that is produced in 50-60 and 70 shore hardness, may also be produced up to 150 mm-3000mm diameter.

You can prevent the waste water losses with Golday Integrated Gaskets, that manufactured with the aim of sealing the joints of concrete pipes used while transporting both clean water and waste water in order to protect the century that we live in and to leave a more viable environment to the next generations.

Golday Rubber Integrated Gaskests ensure that external loads are distributed equally to all points of the gasket thanks to its solid and hard part where the load of the inner pipe comes during the connection of the pipes and the shear loads effect in the pipe connections met and provide sealing thanks to its soft part.

Corrugated Pipe Gaskets

Golday Rubber Corrugated Pipe Gaskets; are prepared and produced with high engineering knowledge and rapid design technologies for underground drainage and sewerage pipes in accordance with TS EN 681-1 standards.

It is highly crucial to ensure the sealing of the corrugated pipes at the joints used for drainage of underground waters and the transport of sewage wastewater, just like concrete pipes. Golday Rubber Corrugated Pipe Gaskets that specially produced to ensure that tightness, are manufactured with the latest technology.

Golday Rubber Corrugated Pipe Gaskets; are the gaskets that developed with the aim of preventing the water leaks from outside to inside or inside to outside that may occur in this area by filling the gap between the pipe and the sleeve of the muff. Golday Rubber Corrugated Pipe Gaskets consist of lips that ensure the fixation of the gasket in the gap of keys and ribs that ensure the body sealing. The body of these gaskets should be settled into the rib gap, tightly. The keys that is effective on the sealing of the gaskets, should be flexible and show resistance against the pressure that will occur inside.

You can safely use Golday Rubber Corrugated Pipe Gaskets of all sizes in your projects for many years which are specially produced for those who adopt an environmental friendly approach by making efforts to transfer without any loss when transferring the waste water to the drainage places or waste water treatment plants.

GRP Pipe Jointing System Gaskets

EPDM elastomer for fiberglass reinforced pipe systems, quality products that meet the water and sewer pipe systems are produced within the body of Golday Rubber.

Golday Rubber GRP Pipe Jointing System Gaskets; are the full-face gaskets in TS EN 681-1 type WA/WC standards and the products of Golday Rubber that produced in accordance with EU and world standards are appropriate for the long-term usage as they are subjected to the strict quality controls.

Golday Rubber GRP Pipe Jointing System Gaskets; are resistant against various temperature levels, oxidation, ozone and abrasion thanks to its solid and saturated polymer structure. Any repositioning or correction is not needed during the use of the pipes since the EPDM gaskets fit into the joint and integrate with the pipe completely.

Golday Rubber GRP Pipe Jointing System Gaskets are specially designed for easy, rapid and safe assembly. All of our GRP pipe gaskets at the quality to meet type WA and WC standards and their tolerance ranges. Piping systems supported by two gaskets and one stopper are the most widely used systems.

The usage of Golday Rubber CTP Pipe Jointing System Gaskets can be enlisted such:

  • Water delivery and water-distribution system (drinking water and raw water)
  • Sanitary sewage collection and discharges
  • Storm sewers and drainage
  • Seawater inlet, discharges and cooling water lines
  • Industrial Wastes

Tunnel Segment Gaskets

The sealing of the tunnel segments is generally provided by EPDM gaskets. Golday Rubber; draws attention as the power behind the successful projects in the industry with its unrivaled expertise in gasket designs and elastomer technology and flawless production in the development, production stages, technical sealing tests and application of tunnel segment gaskets.

The world’s leading elastomeric gaskets for immersed, cut, closed and drilled tunnels are produced within the body of Golday Rubber.

The tunnel segment gaskets are produced from elastomer obtained by extrusion method and vulcanized gaskets are joined by heat fixing process. Tunnel segment gaskets that is present in every precast grooves surrounding the mating surfaces ensure that mating surfaces fused into each other safely.

Golday Rubber Tunnel Segment Gaskets (TSC) are supplied to the customers with the highest quality for the segmental coating of the drilled tunnels. Golday Rubber Tunnel Segment Gaskets (TSC) that provides a secure waterproof insulation from rubber to rubber, are used in the tunnel projects divided into large segments around the world and contributes success of the projects.

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