Golday Rubber; produces and supplies high quality and functional industrial gaskets for the industry by always giving importance to high quality standards with its operation machineries and equipment’s that meet the needs.

Golday Rubber Industrial Sealing Gaskets are widely used in many fields like operating machinery and equipment, construction, mining, oil, gas, refining, electronics, pipelines, water treatment and patrol-chemical industries, also including lots of engineering applications.

Industrial Sealing Gasket Product Group

  • O-Ring Gaskets
  • Dilatation Gaskets
  • U Rings
  • Rod Gaskets
  • X Rings
  • Screw Gaskets
  • Vibration Wedge
  • Clamp Gaskets
  • Fixing Wedge
  • Panel Gaskets
  • Elbow Adapter

The Advantages of Industrial Gaskets

  • Liquid or gas leakage prevented according to the usage area, by placing Golday Rubber Industrial Sealing Gasket Product Group between the mechanism parts that stacked on top of each other.
  • Power loss minimized and prevented by spreading the pressure through Golday Rubber Industrial Sealing Gasket Product Group.
  • Loss caused by wear and friction and predictable deformations are prevented.
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