Golday Rubber, that stands out with its product quality, is widely known for its high quality products in the automotive sector with its filter sealing gaskets.

Cut square, wedge, inner sealing, O-ring, return valve (clapper) gaskets; according to the usage area produced from NBR and HNBR rubber based on TS 4709 standards and are being tested according to the relevant standards. Thus; the product quality of the sealing gaskets used in automotive industry is guaranteed.

Automotive seals; plays critical role according to different types of four-wheeled vehicles. Primarily, it is used for bearings, hubs and different mechanical system types. Gaskets are designed to prevent oil leakage, lubricant and component damage due to the heat.

Golday Rubber Industry Sealing Gaskets; are used in the systems of commercial, automobile, bus, truck and motorcycle.

Automotive Industry Sealing Gaskets Product Groups

  • Universal Joint Gasket
  • Hydraulic Steering Gaskets
  • Low-drag Engine Gaskets
  • Water Pump Bearing Seals
  • Clutch Releasing Bearing Gaskets
  • Injector and Spark Plug Gaskets
  • Gaskets for Magnetic Trigger Wheels
  • Valve Stem Seals for High Pressure
  • Hub Bearing Unit Gaskets for Light Vehicles
  • Hub Bearing Unit Gaskets for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  • Grease Slot Heavy Duty Seals
  • Partial Rubber Gaskets with High Pressure

The Advantages of Automotive Seals

  • Fading or color change that may be caused by sunlight on the surfaces are prevented thanks to the high ozone resistance of Golday Rubber Automotive Sealing Gaskets.
  • Noises such as road, tire, engine sounds can be prevented thanks to the sound insulation provided by Golday Rubber Automotive Sealing Gaskets.
  • No quality problem experienced due to the gaskets with Golday Rubber Automotive Sealing Gaskets and high warranty costs can be prevented, in this way.
  • The mechanical sounds due to the friction and external sounds that come from outside can be reduced thanks to the Golday Rubber motional glass seals.
  • Thanks to the gaskets which prevent the leakage and intermingling of the liquids such as gasoline, oil and cooling water between the cylinder head which is the part where the spark plug is used to initiate combustion and the crank shaft that provide the movement and the engine block where the piston is located, resistant to pressure and temperature in the internal combustion engine, the engine operates at the best performance. Thus; the performance of engine is being ensured.
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