Golday Rubber; carries out its works in a way that meets the needs, by always targeting the best in the production process that consist of 9 stages. Golday Rubber, which manufactures products that can meet the national and international standards, it always integrates its global perspective into its production in order to manufacture quality products thanks to the step taken during production process.

  • 01
    R&D - M&D

    Golday Rubber; has a laboratory background that can meet the national and international standards and customer specifications at the R&D studies.

    It designs and tests the requested products with optimum features together with its expert staff and engineers. Golday Rubber, that prioritize the computer-aided design, anticipates the possible risks by testing the designs it has developed with simulation method and by modeling it makes design verification after eliminating the risks completely

    Thanks to the competencies of Golday Rubber in the R&D center;

    • It performs product changes and improvements.
    • It manufactures needed products by analyzing the needs of market.
    • It develops the product in the most economical way.
    • It always works with the logic to produce more quality product.
    • It strengthens its studies and products with global review.
  • 02

    Golday Rubber, that has a strong laboratory that can meet the national and international standards regarding rubber sector, provides 100% customer satisfaction by developing new products in its laboratories, increasing the product quality and making the tests that relevant standards anticipates. Golday Rubber laboratories, where products are subjected to density, permanent deformation, elongation and rupture, tearing strength, tensile strength, strength against liquid, contrast, abrasion strength, sealing tests, ash tests, determination of viscosity and burning tests, are equipped with the latest technology.

  • 03
    Raw Material Entry Check

    The input controls of the raw materials that is ordered are made with the realizations of the first steps. The input controls of the raw materials, customer specifications that ordered are made through the specifications and control plans prepared by R&D department.

    The result is evaluated by the expert engineer staff and the usage of the suitable raw material is approved.

  • 04
    Getting Orders

    It uses ERP programs effectively in order to always provide the best service for its customers by using IT systems for getting orders, tracking orders and planning production, before initiating production phase.

    In order to manufacture the ordered products as desired, they are prepared in desired dimensions and standards by passing through the “Quality Control” Department by experienced engineers.

  • 05
    Mold Design

    “Manufacturability Analysis” is made upon the incoming requests. It designs the mold of the products in a way that will be the highest quality and efficiency at the advance CNC benches with its qualified personnel, by stimulating them in digital environment and preparing as three-dimensional visual programming.

  • 06
    Mixture Preparation

    Golday Rubber, has reached 5.000 ton production capacity annually in its advanced dough production facilities by directly getting the raw material of dough from the European origin manufacturers. Golday Rubber, that makes production within the scope of high quality standards, gets the most quality and maximum efficient doughs by using 110-liter of dough preparation (banbury) machine and 2 each Vals that enable homogenous dough mix. At the Golday Rubber production facilities, where the dough cooling (Bach off) system is used to protect dough quality, a special storage area has been created inclusive of special cooling system that appropriate storage conditions provided and this area is regularly being supervised. Technical dough is prepared at the dough preparation unit, suitable for specs particularly EPDM, NBR, NR and SBR and the dough is approved after completing the tests that meet the standards at the advanced laboratories. The approved dough is taken to the room for resting on air and made ready for use.

  • 07
    Compression via Vulcanization

    High quality dough that is produced, is being vulcanized through extrusion, injection and compression methods. 1000 kg. of dough is vulcanized through extrusion method per hour. 3 tons of dough is vulcanized through compression method daily. 1 ton of dough is vulcanized through injection method daily. Vulcanized profile gaskets after anastomosis again with vulcanization method, gaskets that suitable for the needs of customers are produced.

    It realizes the production of rubber that has high-tech standards, delicately sized, standard and suitable for specs EPDM, SBR, NR NBR etc. for the “Automotive Sector” and “White Ware Sector” through the high-tech compression and injection presses.

  • 08
    Extrusion Gaskets

    Golday Rubber, produces high-tech extrusion lines and the following gasket systems that can meet the needs of its customers through the continuous vulcanization method.

    • Fiberglass Roving Gaskets
    • Steel Door Gaskets
    • PVC Door Gaskets
    • Aluminum Door Window Gaskets
    • Tunnel Segment Gaskets
    • Infrastructure Pipe Gaskets (CTP, Concrete Pipe, Corrugated Pipe and PVC pipe, Sleeve)
    • Manhole Gaskets
    • Automotive Door, Bonnet and Glass Roving
  • 09
    Packing and Packaging

    High quality gaskets that passed the quality tests and produced in accordance with national and international standards; finally packed in the form of “shrink-box-palette” according to their usage areas and the products are safely shipped to the customers with forklifts to the most suitable vehicles.

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