Golday Rubber, which guides the global market by adopting the human values to itself, has been proceeding to progress by raising its success rate with the quality production line that can meet the quality material needs of the sector, since the day it started production.

Our Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction, is the main mission in the Golday Rubber family, which has been subjected to the quality tests with technological measuring devices in order to ensure quality standards in products developed and produced after long-term R&D and P&D studies.

Golday Rubber Quality Policy developed in this direction can be listed as follow:

  • Meticulous production in accordance with Legal regulations, international standards and Customer Specifications.
  • To improve all production process with zero error principle and to work with high efficiency.
  • To make the trainings effective in order to ensure the continuous development of the employees in accordance with technological developments.
  • To carry out research and development to increase the market share and competitive power.
  • To ensure continuous improvement of the process in direction of reports based on performance indicators.
  • To keep the production line and machinery park actual and strong by following the developments in technology.
  • To carry the reliability of the quality tests to the higher levels by periodically calibrating the technological devices for which quality product tests are provided.
  • To provide suitable environment to spread planned and systematic studies.

Golday Rubber, which never compromises on its product quality and 100% customer satisfaction oriented production principle, also stands out among its competitors as a company sensitive to the environment, work and worker’s health and safety. Ensuring that quality policy is carried out systemically and in a proper manner, Golday Rubber has certified its quality in manufacturing within international quality standards by obtaining internationally valid KIWA NSF certificate, EN-681-1, as well as Gost certificate accepted in Caucasus and Turkey.

Our OHS Policy

Golday Rubber; while realizing its product manufacturing with quality standards, has also adopted as a principle to provide safe environment for its employees and suppliers. It determines the measurements to be taken by making risk analysis for its employees and working environment and regulates working environment accordingly.

Golday Rubber Occupational Health and Safety Policy developed in this direction can be listed as follow:

  • To behave obeying all kind of international laws and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety, act in accordance with international standards and to carry out activities in accordance with all legal and regional regulations related to the sector, to control and prevent the risks.
  • To reduce consumption and the risks of occupational health and safety (OHS).
  • To provide complete protective equipment’s for the health and safety of its employees and encourage its employees to use them.
  • To eliminate the occupational diseases and work accidents by providing suitable environment for the health and safety of its employees.
  • To ensure occupational health and safety with an environmentally compatible business model by checking solid, liquid, dangerous wastes and air emissions.
  • To adequately evaluate the effects of new products, facility and process in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • To support its employees with internal sectoral trainings.
  • To frequently inform and lecture employees regarding “Occupational Health and Safety” in accordance with the latest legislations.

Our Environment Policy

Golday Rubber, which ensures the waste collection area and the disposal of wastes through a licensed company, actualize its environmentalist mission and continues to work with its environmentalist production policy.

Golday Rubber Environment Policy developed in this direction can be listed as follow:

  • To give priority to works that will contribute to the protection of the environment and to reduce the impacts that arose or may be arise from all our activities, based on the principle of environmental sustainability.
  • To plan our investments so as to reduce environmental pollution caused by production activities and to adopt the principle of protecting environment in our current production process.
  • To minimize our pollution sources with our aim, target and administration program prepared specially within the framework of our policy.
  • To fulfil compliance obligations.
  • To carry out our activities so as to support the implementation of recycling and reuse techniques aimed at reducing waste and environmental pollution through the rational usage of raw materials, auxiliary materials and natural resources.
  • To aim the improvement of available environment administration system and environmental performance, continuously.
  • To organize trainings and events in order to increase the environmental awareness of our employees.

Information Safety and Our Privacy Policy

Taking all the necessary precautions in order to eliminate the risks that threaten the security of personal data and company information and ensuring information security has been determined as the primary security policy of Golday Rubber company.

Golday Rubber Information Safety and Our Privacy Policy developed in this direction can be listed as follow:

  • To prevent unlawful processing of personal data,
  • To prevent unlawful accessing of personal data,
  • To take the necessary technical and administrative precautions to ensure the appropriate level of security so as to protect personal data.
  • To carry out the necessary inspections to ensure the appropriate level of security so as to protect personal data.
  • To ensure the law and regulations regarding information security are followed
  • To provide continuous improvement of our information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001.
  • To ensure all the articles at the contracts related to information security are obeyed.
  • To ensure the management of information security threats.
  • To ensure that information security is made appropriately in terms of confidential, integrity and accessibility principles.
  • To provide trainings in order to increase information security awareness level of our employees.

Ethical Values

Golday Rubber employees are obligated to act suitable according to company values, vision and mission and no activities, except main activities, can be conducted that is not approved by Golday Rubber management.

Golday Rubber Ethical Values developed in this direction can be listed as follow:

  • Golday Rubber employees, act in accordance with the principles of legality, frankly and honesty in all their actions and manners.
  • No discrimination can be made on the religion, language, philosophical belief, political opinion, race, gender and similar reasons. Behaviors and practices against human rights and freedom are strictly prohibited.
  • Behaviors that destruct the sense of trust, damage the principle of honesty are avoided, considering the goodwill of the company during work. Official, public or confidential kind of information of the company, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders cannot be used or shared to gain direct or indirect benefit for themselves, relatives or third parties.
  • The person or persons cannot provide any personal benefit for themselves, their relatives or third parties during the power of work, title or authority. Golday Rubber employees avoid getting any kind of private benefits that affect the impartial and objective performance of their duties.
  • Golday Rubber employees; customers, suppliers or stakeholders cannot make any binding declaration, commitments and cannot make any deceptive and untrue statements on behalf of Golday Rubber by exceeding their authorities.
  • They cannot make any binding declaration, commitments and cannot make any deceptive and untrue statements regarding rubber.
  • Golday Rubber and its stakeholders are obligated to obey the ethical behavior principles stated above.

Golday Rubber that proceeds to work in line with ethical values, also displays its social responsibility vision by providing scholarship to the students so as to prevent negative situations caused by financial difficulties and ensure equal opportunity. Golday Rubber, which frequently cooperates with universities and sensitive to recruit qualified personnel for the sector, in addition to the contribution it made to the economy of the country also invests in future by giving value to the young people.

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